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Naps - are they any good?

Naps are the best bets from top horse racing tipsters and very news paper has one - a nap and a horse racing tipster. Are these naps any good and are the tipsters any better at picking winners than anyone else? Do they have inside information on which horses will do well and which are out for an afternoon stroll?

You could buy every newspaper you can find and read the sports section for the tipsters' naps, but an easier way to find out the latest tips is to go to the Racing Post website. Click the Tipping tab at the top and then Launch Naps Table. Try this link to go straight there.

Here is an example of a race, it's the 3.50 at Uttoxeter. Notice that seven tipsters from various publications have given naps, but five different horses are tipped to win. There can be only one winner of course, so when you see something like this it means that the tipsters really haven't much of a clue.

Horse racing naps

Here is another example of a case where tipsters simply haven't a clue, it's the 2.50 at Leicester:

Horse racing naps

Five different experts, five different horses, and what's more, none of them won! Yes, despite the experts picking five horses not one of them won.

Take a look at the 4.10 at Hamilton though, here four tipsters' naps are for the same horse - Hills of Dakota. Now when this happens it is worth taking note. Perhaps the tipsters have spotted a good bet. It is worth looking for things like this (sort by naps or time by clicking the headings at the top of the web page).

Horse racing naps


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